Wall Art

I am not great at interior design!  Our home is very simple without a lot of decorations.  After searching for ideas on Pinterest, I came across cute things people have done with pictures!  I love pictures and have tons of them I can display!  I created this wall display in our living room and love it!  It is beautiful to look at and really ties the room together (and hides the fact that I don’t have decorations around!).  It was easy to do!  You can easily customize it to your own taste and space!


The Wall.  Love all the M’s!


Cardboard M covered with scrapbook paper.  It was very cheap and easy to put together!

IMG_0021This frame was from the dollar store and scrapbook paper was used to create this little M



This is a wood M.  I used scrapbook paper and mod podge to glue and finish this M.  I picked out the scrapbook paper I liked, traced the M on them, cut them out and glued them on with mod podge.  I love the look of it!



This frame is an earing holder, but I found that it holds this M nicely!


Inbetween and around the pictures and M’s, I have pieces of my favorite verse on the wall.  I used stencils to trace the letters and then used a fine paint brush to fill them in.  1 Corinthians 13:4-8

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