Summer Fun

We looked all over Pinterest to find some fun summer time activities to try!  Here are a couple pictures and links from our fun!

Frozen Vinegar Cubes in Baking Soda


This one was neat, but took too much time and therefore lost our two year old attention real quick.

Paint, Glue and Noodles!


Paint and glue is always a fun, cool indoor activity!  This time we added dry noodles to the mix!  It was great fun!

Tracing, Stamping, Glue and Stickers 


On another 105+ day, I had miss lay on a big piece of paper and traced her outline.  She loved it!  We filled it in with stamps, coloring, stickers and used glue to paste little pieces of paper to it!  Such a fun way to spend a few hours.

Tube Marble Run


This was a simple activity, which miss enjoyed and keeps coming back to.  We used painters tape to tape toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls to the wall.  We let her put marbles in the top tube and she could watch and hear the marble run down.

Shaving Cream Bathtub Paint


This was a huge hit with miss!  We still use this one a couple times a month!  She loves painting the bathtub, her body and toys with a paint brush and shaving cream paint!

Tape Road

IMG_7998 IMG_7467

This was a fun activity on hot summer days!  When we have to hide inside, she has fun setting up her toys and driving her cars through the town on the floor!  Such fun ideas on this site!

Exploding Chalk Paint


I wasn’t able to get great pictures of this activity, but Miss loved helping scoop the baking soda into the bag and running in the sidewalk chalk paint afterwards.  We have made sidewalk chalk paint this way, but it was fun to mix it up with the explosions!

Water Wall


We did a little different version of the water wall, but before we even could finish it, Little Miss was already playing with it!  It was a huge hit with the kiddos at her birthday party as well!  Fun to see where the water will come out!



Little Miss loves the simple pleasure of playing with a balloon!  Inside and out!  She loves to take a balloon with her to the park and put it down the slide!

Soap Cloud


This isn’t the best picture of Miss playing with the soap cloud, but she had a blast with this experiment!  She loved watching the soap grow in the microwave and then playing with it outside over her pool!




We had a robin family move into our tree!  It was very exciting to watch!  We checked out books on birds and did bird crafts including decorating a bird house and painting a milk carton bird feeder.  We also made binoculars to go to the river to look for birds!  Such fun!


I hope this gives you some ideas of fun things to do with your little friends!

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