Large Burlap Purse


I love these beautiful, yet simple burlap purses!  They are the perfect size to carry all the things for yourself and even a little one!  There are many choices of fabric for the top of the bag, strap and pockets.  It measures 15 inches long, 14 inches wide with a 35 inch long strap.  The length of the strap is perfect to wear over the shoulder or across the body in those moments you need your hands free!


In the purse pictured, there is an appliqué owl on the front rather than a pocket.  Purses usually come with a pocket on the front to hold your cell phone or keys!

IMG_1984These purses can be completely customizable for you!  The pictured purse has one large pocket with a velcro closure to hold large items, such as diapers and wipes.  It has two smaller pockets with the contrasting fabric to hold keys, phone or make up!

Small Burlap Purse


This is a beautiful small purse to fit all the necessities!  It measures 9 inches long 7 inches wide with a 44 inch long strap.  It wears perfectly across the body and holds everything you need on the go!


There is a pocket on the front of the outside, perfect for a cell phone and a pocket on the inside providing two pockets to organize your belongings.


There are many choices of fabric for the top of the bag, strap and pockets.


Here is a sample of another color!


IMG_6907 - Version 2 IMG_6885 - Version 2 IMG_3430 IMG_3435



I love this clutch!  It is perfect if you use the envelope system to hold all your different money envelopes, but still small enough to throw in a purse or diaper bag!  I even will stick it in my sweatshirt pocket when I’m running into the store.  It will fit your money, cards, phone, checks, coupons, and other small necessities!  It is 9 inch wide 5 inches long.


There are many choices of fabric for the lining!

Fabric Env System

This is a custom order of the wallet and envelope system!  So fun!


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