I Spy Quilt


My daughter absolutely loves her I Spy quilt!  I made this for her for her first birthday and she gets extremely excited every time I pull it out.  She loves to sit on the quilt and point to the different quilt squares and have me tell her what they are or have me say an object or animal and have her run around and find that picture.  It is great fun and an amazing learning opportunity!


 Laying and looking at all the colorful squares.


Finding a dinosaur!


Looking for a monkey!


Sharing with friends!

Check out this video of Little Miss playing with the  I Spy Quilt on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbFjtg2-5TA&feature=youtu.be

These make great gifts for little ones and provide hours of learning opportunities!  We are learning animals, their sounds, numbers, shapes and colors using this quilt!

You can purchase a downloadable step-by-step picture tutorial to make your very own I Spy Quilt in my online store: http://sittingovercoffee.com/store/ This set has a quilt pattern, a quilt lay out and a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through making an I Spy Quilt. Each step has pictures to help guide you through the process start to finish. This is a digital download of the pattern and tutorial for $9.95

Or you can purchase an I Spy Quilt Kit which includes 112 4″x4″ squares of different gender neutral children’s themed fabric to make a beautiful “I Spy” quilt! It also includes a pattern, quilt lay out, and step-by-step tutorial with pictures to walk you through making one yourself!  You can purchase at my online store: http://sittingovercoffee.com/store/ for $29.95

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