Hello Kitty Birthday!

Little Miss asked for a Kitty party, so we did a Hello Kitty Birthday party!  What fun!  This year, we wanted to keep it simple!  It turned out great, was easy to put on and the kids had a blast!


I found this Hello Kitty panel at Joann’s, so I made her a little quilt with it to use as decoration at the party.  Using a panel, the quilt came together really quickly and was a festive addition to the party!


Little Miss even helped color her big Hello Kitty Sign!  She is such a good helper!


I made Little Miss a tank top to wear on her special day!


I think I should stick to fabric!  The cookies tasted delicious and matched her fun theme though!


 Entry way!  We had a birthday book set out for people to sign.  It is a fun way to remember who came to the party.  Rather than gifts, we asked for flashlight donations for kids in our community.  We gave Hello Kitty books as a party favor!  I love books!

IMG_7574 Some of her favorite treats for our guests!


Grammy did a great job of making a super cute Hello Kitty cake!


We found a Hello Kitty tent on Zulliy, which was fun for the kids to play in!


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