Curious George Birthday!

We had so much fun throwing Little Miss’s birthday party!  It is such a blessing to have us in our lives and a wonderful celebration of her first year!

Leading up to the big day, I compiled some pictures and videos of her first year and put them into a video.  Little Miss loves watching the “baby” on the video!  It is a great video to remember all the fun things Little Miss did and all the changes that took place.  It was very time consuming, but I am so thankful to have it.

1st Bday Invite

Here is the invitation we sent out (with the important information erased).  I loved how they turned out!  I did most of it on the computer, but added fabric, ribbon and stickers to make them a little more festive!


Little Miss loves Curious George!  She gets so excited when he comes on T.V., enjoys his books, and she simply acts like a monkey!  She would rather live her life hanging upside down!  We chose the colors of her party to be Yellow (for the man’s hat), pink and orange (I just like those colors!).  We made tons of cupcakes of all sizes and with yellow, pink, or orange frosting.  They turned out amazing!  All the food we served was food Little Miss liked, such as, muffins, blue berries, watermelon, sugar snap peas, veggie trays, mini quiche and pineapple zucchini cake.


For decorations, my mother in law made lots of pinwheels! In the center of the table, we filled a vase with banana runts and filled it with pinwheels.  These little details made the table arrangement look top notch!


I found a cowboy set of cookie cutters at the craft store.  One of the cookie cutters was a cowboy hat.  I made a batch of sugar cookies, cut them out and frosted them yellow and used black frosting across them to make them look like the man in the yellow hat.  I was very pleased with how they turned out.


I took fun duct tape and wrapped it around water bottles for people to grab.  I wrapped ribbon around the center with a little picture of Curious George tied on.


On the front porch, we set up a mini chalkboard and mini watering can with pinwheels in them.


Walking into the front door, I outlined a picture of curious George, colored him and hung him on the wall, made a Happy Birthday banner with pictures of George at each end and between words, wrapped the mirror with pink wrapping paper and yellow ribbon, put a yellow table cloth  with orange tulle on the entry table with her guest sign book (Curious George Birthday Book.  I added a couple pages in the front of the birthday book for her guests to sign!), and her party favors.  A sweet friend surprised us with yellow, pink and orange balloons!  They tied the table together and little miss loved them!


We wrapped two boxes and put a little sign out by the front door as well.  We asked people to bring Pillow Pals to donate to the Union Gospel Mission instead of getting Little Miss gifts.  I talked to the Union Gospel Mission before her birthday if there was something fun and different we could do for her party that would benefit the kids in the mission.  Our Union Gospel Mission gives each child a pillow pal as they enter.  Everyone who came to the party loved the idea and brought one or two or three pillow pals to donate!  It was amazing!  I had no idea!!!  The pillow pals ended up filling the bulk of the entryway.  We sent the picture above out with her thank you cards to show what we were able to give because of our guests generosity.  The Union Gospel Mission was very pleased.


As a party favor, we got a couple sets of Curious George books so that each kiddo would have a book to take with them.  The kids loved them!


Instead of streamers, we cut out circles of fun scrapbook paper, and glued them together with ribbon in the middle.  They looked really cute hanging in front of the door!


I found some Curious George birthday fleece a couple weeks before her birthday!  I was very excited about this find!  Of course I bought some and made a blanket with it.  We hung it on the bench outside to add more Curious George to the mix!  She loves that blanket!  It is one of her favorites!


In the backyard, we set up four stations of activities for the kids to do.  My friend helped me make cute chalkboard directions for the different stations.


At the first station, we had chalk set up with stickers for the kiddos to take.


At the second station, I colored rice and put it in a large Tupperware tub.  The rice was easy to make, the colors made it match the party, which made it more fun!  This was the biggest hit of the party games!  The kids would sit and play with the “sand” and the toys for long periods of time.  Little miss liked it so much, we left the rice box up in our house for a month after the party and she would play in it everyday!



Using a projector, I blew up a picture of Curious George, colored him in, cut him out, glued him on cardboard, and cut out his mouth.  I whipped up these banana bean bags for the kiddos to toss into their mouth.


For playing this game, the kids received a Curious George Tattoo!  Even the adults were getting them!


At jungle fishing, I drew out, with my less than perfect artistic skills, a jungle theme on butcher paper.  I made a fishing pole out of a wrapping paper tube, colorful duct tape, string, and a clip at the end.  The kids would “fish” and get a jungle animal mask!


The last activity we had set up, was a photo booth!  My sister-in-law got married the weekend before, so we were able to use a lot of the props they had at their wedding!  It was great!  We had a few things laying around the house that we threw into the pile as well.  Everyone seemed to enjoy taking their silly pictures!


DSCN9916 DSCN9908 DSCN9904

Last, but not least, here is the amazing monkey cake grammy made for little miss!  Isn’t it so sweet!  Little miss loved to look at it, but didn’t want to mess it up when it came time to eat it!


I am so happy with how her party turned out and all the guest that made it to celebrate with us.  She is such an amazing gift and I love every minute I have with her.  We are blessed.


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