Contact Paper Toddler Activity!


Sweet little miss already loves crafts!  The other day, I was cleaning in the craft room, which got little miss interested!  She picked out contact paper to use, so we used some old scrapbook paper and fun hole punchers and cut confetti.

IMG_1626 Little Miss placed the confetti pieces to the contact paper in her own special way.


And then we broke out her favorite craft item: glitter!  She sprinkled glitter all over the contact paper to make a beautiful picture!



I cut and placed a piece of ribbon to another piece of contact paper, which I will use for the back.  This way, we can easily hang our masterpiece!


I carefully put the front on to the back piece.  I made sure the back piece was a little larger than the front, as Little Miss likes to use lots of glitter which makes the contact paper not stick as well.


Folded over the extra contact paper and smooth it out.


Hang and enjoy!


Quick, easy, and budget friendly craft!

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