Buttons, Crayons, Cups, and a Spoon!

I am always trying to come up with ways to make old things new and exciting to play with and teach a few things too.  Little Miss loves to play with all my sewing and craft supplies, and luckily has outgrown putting things in her mouth.  This day, she wanted to play with buttons, so we made it into a learning game!



We started with paper, crayons, cups, and buttons.  At first, I cut the paper into strips.  We will color these strips the color of the buttons and tape them in place in the cups.  This will help us sort colors!






At first, we had to figure out what colors we needed to color our labels.







Then we colored all of the strips of paper.  One color on each strip.  These will be used to label which buttons will go in each cup.



When they are all colored, we just tape to put the labels in each cup.



It is now time to sort buttons!  We matched the button color to the label and sorted them all!



And then we added a spoon to play with!!!



And a heart shaped ice cube tray!  What fun!



This is a simple, fun, and educational activity teaching colors, sorting, and counting.  It also encourages fine motor skills.  It can be completed with household items you already have and best of all its toddler approved!

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