Baking Soda and Vinegar


Oh the simple pleasures of kitchen science experiments!  Little Miss loves playing with baking soda and vinegar!  She loves seeing the reaction and getting her hands in it.

IMG_9882At first we built a volcano out of play dough.  We poured baking soda into it and then poured vinegar into it and soon we have an erupting volcano!

 IMG_9896We thought that was pretty neat!

 IMG_9901We then poured baking soda onto our tray and used an eye dropper full of vinegar to make mini volcanos!  We really like to get our hands into this and feel all the bubbles!

IMG_9906And try it ourselves! Adding food coloring always makes it fun and different.

IMG_9910At the end, it is fun to dump the rest of the vinegar onto the tray and see the last of the reactions.  Such fun!

Great simple, cheap, easy to clean up activity that captures little minds attention for a good amount of time!  I hope you will try this with your little ones at home!

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