10 Minute Activities!

Here are some activities that Little Miss loves!  They keep her attention span for a short amount of time, which is nice when you need a few minutes while making dinner or such things.  These are great activities to do randomly throughout the day as well.  Of course you can always extend these activities into longer time periods with a few simple adjustments.  Hopefully they will give you some ideas of things to do with your little ones!



Little Miss enjoys board books, as well as books with animals, or pretty pictures.  It is so important to read to your child!  It will help their brains develop, prepare them for academic excellence, help develop language, and much more!  It is such a fun activity filled with many learning opportunities!



Every child loves a good box!  Let their imagination run wild with what they can do with them!  Little miss loves using it at as car, or color all surfaces of it!  She loves to fill it with things, especially stuffed animals, and climb in with them!


 There are many fun things to color!  Markers, pens, crayons, colored pencils, posters, coloring books, paper, even windows with window markers!


Cornstarch and Water

IMG_2682 IMG_2683

Depending on how much water you combine with cornstarch, there are many different textures you will get.  Little Miss loves to get her hands in and play with the crazy feeling of cornstarch and water! She even mixes her own water in it.  There are other fun activities with cornstarch too.  Little Miss loves it when I make Sidewalk Chalk Paint.  It is equal parts cornstarch and water plus food coloring.  When it dries, it looks like chalk!  You could even mix cornstarch with shaving cream!



IMG_9184 IMG_9187

Little Miss is busy!  Flashcards are very helpful, as she can walk around with them, but we can still practice language.  We also play games with them.  I will lay a few out and will ask her to find the _________. When she was younger, I would put items next to the flashcard so she could see the item in real life.  She loved it when I did that with the snack food flashcards!


I Spy Quilt


We play the game “I spy” with this fun quilt!  She will crawl around the quilt and point to things, and I will say the name and color or sound.  She gets a kick out of it!  I can ask her to show me the _________ and she crawls around to find it!



Little miss loves to get her hands in the paint and color all over the paper!  She likes to choose what color she wants to use and of course mixing all the colors!  We will mix things up when we paint as well.  I will give her foam brushes, string, paint brushes, pom pom on clothes pin, toilet paper roll, and whatever we can find around the house that is okay to get messy!

Pom Poms


Pom Poms are so much fun to play with!  We love to put them in containers, carry them around in spoons, play games with them, and sort them!  I have two of these ice trays, so I took one of them for Little miss to use.  I put the color star stickers in the bottom and have her match the pom poms to the colored sticker in the tray.  We use pom poms to count and practice colors too.  She loves pom poms so much, I glued magnets to some and put them on the fridge for her to use!

Sensory Bottles


Little Miss is fascinated with these.  Each one has something different in it from around the house or yard.  They make different sounds and are fun to look at.  She enjoys shaking them up to see what happens!  Here is what I did for these bottles, but use whatever you have on hand!  Starting from the back row, left to right:

  • Oil and water (I put a couple drops of blue food coloring in the water)
  • Water (dyed yellow) and white marbles
  • Water (dyed green) and soap
  • Water (dyed pink) and buttons
  • Water and string

In the front row from left to right:

  • Water and bark
  • Water (dyed blue) and rocks
  • Colored rice
  • Beans, lentils, and popcorn crenels
  • Pom Poms
  • Spaghetti noodles


Shaving Cream

IMG_7842 IMG_7835 IMG_7833

There is so much you can do with shaving cream!  She likes to feel like it and squeeze it in her fingers.  We put it in her pool with some toys.  We have also put it on her high chair and let her run things through it like cars and whatnot.



When I need Little Miss to be quiet and sit for a little while, I will bring out stickers.  She will sit and put stickers all over herself or on paper or whatever she can reach!


IMG_9192 sofa

We love running all around the sofa!  We push the ottoman against the sofa, fill in the hole with pillows and blankets (and in the picture, a dog), and let her go!  Sometimes, we will leave the ottoman where it is and fill that area with pillows and blankets.  She enjoys to jump into them!


Enjoy the simple things with your children.  They are such a blessing!  Use things around the house and turn it into an educational game!

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